APRIL 2012


Emilia was the first client we had after our big move to Edinburgh. We met her by chance, while shopping in a small Polish bakery where she works as a sales assistant. After a short and friendly conversation in my mother tongue, she said “Aga I can’t believe you have walked into the bakery, I so need a makeover.”

So we started our work with Emilia with a consultation a few days later where she told me why she wanted a change at this point in time, and what she was aiming to achieve at the end of the process. I took a photograph of her for a ‘before’ look, and promised that the next time she will pose for me, she would feel like a different person, inside and out.

As a stylist I strongly believe that changing your image can make you more confident and happy. Emilia wanted to learn how to apply makeup correctly, and to dress for a job interview in retail fashion. She also wanted to start wearing some colour in her daily outfits, and to learn about the trends and shapes and styles suitable for her figure. We sent her to one of the best hair salons in town, starting a long process of re-shaping and growing her over-plucked eyebrows, and working on her new wardrobe, make-up routine, and new style.

Here is Emilia “before” and “after”

The best reward of all was to hear her son saying “Mum you are so beautiful”