Kate’s make-up looked flawless today, and by looking at the reports so far, it was done by herself. She took great care of her skin in the weeks leading up to the Wedding Day, so her skin looked very healthy and needed little coverage. To get a glow and youthful-looking skin, you can apply a highlighter primer onto your skin before applying foundation. I like Skin Tone Perfector ‘Spotlight’ by Estee Lauder.

Kate matched her foundation to her skin tone very well, and from what I can see from the pictures, used it only where needed, so her face looked natural and not like a mask. She did a great job by using a bronzer just under her cheekbones to accentuate her bone structure, and using a pop of colour on the apple of her cheeks. I think she used a highlighter on the bridge of her nose, Cupid’s Bow, and just above the cheekbone to get that beautiful glow.

Her smokey eyes done in a warm grey colour, paired with black eye-liner on her lower and upper lash line, were finished off with a few coats of mascara on her lashes. She beautifully opened up her eyes by using a lighter shade in the inner corner of her eyes, and also using an ivory or white eye pencil on the inner rim of her eye. Those two tricks really help to make eyes look bigger. Her eyebrows today were done in a much stronger way than usually. She also used some matt highlighter just under the eyebrow, which is also a great way of lifting the eyebrow, creating the appearance of bigger eyes. You can use a brow-lifting pencil ‘Highbrow’ by Benefit, or ivory matt eyeshadow, in order to achieve a similar effect. Her nude lips with a hint of colour matching her cheeks, were a perfect complement to her stronger smokey eyes today.


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