Would you agree that there is something mysterious about having things with your initials, or even full name on it? Back in the olden days only the rich and famous had their things initialled – from their slippers and housegowns trough to their LV travelling luggage sets.

Nowadays companies are trying to encourage us to get back to that rather special treat, and offer this to all of us regardless of status. I’ve already fallen for it with my very own LV customised bag, and now even my pro make-up palettes have been custom made for me. I can honestly say that it feels pretty special!

The company that does custom-made palettes is called GLAZEL (www.glazel.pl). I’ve mentioned the company a few times already in my previous make-up articles as I love some of their products. The new eyeshadows are highly pigmented in amazing colours and textures. Their lipsticks hold for long hours and their blushers give you that magic glow that gets you all those comments like “Wow, you look so well! – What is your secret?”

As you know, this season is all about being brave with colour and metallic eyeshadows; so use your imagination, trawl through some magazines for inspirations, and have a go! One day you may want to create your own palette with colours that you love, and maybe even have your name inscribed on it!


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