Papii cafe – in the heart of Edinburgh city centre

As you all know I like places with soul, great interior and the right atmosphere.

Papii, a one year old cafe just off George street didn’t disappointed me .

Moving to Edinburgh mid November, I was told by the “people in the know” who knew my taste, that I should go there for lunch. From the moment I walked in , and been welcomed by the owners themselves, I felt I had found my place. I even said , “wow , this is so Me”, I love it in here.

The hospitality of the couple who run it is second to none. They make you feel like you are the most important customer at this moment. After finding me a table, and talking through the menu, as well as creating my favourite creamy coffee just the way I like , I knew this would be the place I recommend to others. The artisan coffee is one of the best I’ve had since leaving Leeds.

Beautiful interior . Stylised like a Greek seaside little cafe, with a modern twist of Edinburgh contemporary living, and attention to details from the service to the food presentation , makes this place one worth visiting again and again.

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