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For editorial work, TV and commercials, catalogues, fashion shoots, designer collections and catwalk shows, promotions, etc….

Personal Styling and/or Make Up service

I am Aga, a Fashion Stylist and award – winning Make-Up Artist. I am passionate about helping my clients find happiness in the way they look and feel about themselves. If I can help someone to change their life by changing the way they dress, apply make-up, or even shop, I feel fulfilled. My clients are not only models, or artists , looking for a complete image change, but also ‘Yummy Mummies’ and successful professionals, who are in need of a little help with their style. Some of them want to fall in love again with fashion after they have had a baby, or changed their body shape, or are returning to work after a long break and want to make an impression. Others just want to change their lifestyle.

If you are really ready for a change, big or small and would appreciate the help of an experienced stylist, contact me and we can talk about which service will benefit you most.

  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Personal shopping
  • Make-up consultations (including wedding make-up)
  • Photography (Pregnancy, model portfolio, boudoir, family portraits etc) 

 Wardrobe consultation

 How many times have you opened your wardrobe and said “I have nothing to wear!”, or by chance you have found something that you didn’t even remember buying? Most of my clients use only 60% – 70% of what they have in their wardrobes, the rest is something they bought on impulse and worn once, or maybe never. So many of them have problems with matching separates, and adding the correct jewellery or accessories.

What can you expect from a Wardrobe Consultation?

  • It will be tailored to your needs
  • I will review your existing wardrobe
  • See what you already have, and begin educating you about which of these garments we can re-use, and which are not working for your body shape
  • Start making a list of what you need to add
  • Create new ‘put together outfits’ using existing clothes and accessories
  • Show you how to mix and match separates
  • Advise what underwear you should wear
  • Learn how to care for your clothes and accessories
  • How to organise your wardrobe space (good tips and storage ideas) and what hangers you should use
  • Learn about trends and what you can adapt into your wardrobe

I am sure that one consultation can change the way you feel about what to do next, how you can improve your style, and the way you think about the importance of looking good.

Personal Shopping 

I know how overwhelming shopping, or even the thought of it can be, when there is so much on offer and trends are changing so fast. I want you to have fun while shopping with me. If we have previously met for a wardrobe consultation, then I will know exactly where to take you and what we need to get to improve your existing wardrobe, or to start building your new wardrobe. I can assure you that I will work within your budget, and will be clear from the start what we can buy on this particular day within that budget. You will try new styles and accessories, and I will show you by example what is, and is not suitible and why.

If we have not met previously, and you are wanting me to help you with your style, or find an outfit for a particular occasion, it is not a problem. We will spend the first 30 minutes to an hour casually talking about your needs while drinking coffee, so that I can thoroughly understand how I should help you best. If the purpose of the shopping trip is not only finding an outfit for a special occasion, but also to get some new make-up, I can promise that the day will be even more fun. 

Why hire an independant stylist?

A good stylist will:

  • Always work to the agreed budget, and not pushing you to spend more
  • Give you the best honest advice as we don’t work on a commission basis. We work for you.
  • Know from exerience what colours/patterns work well on camera or on photographs
  • Show you not only well known boutiques, or High Street shops, but also hidden treasures known to Fashionista Bargainista’s
  • Know great contacts, from where to get the best alterations, dry cleaners, to hair dressers and independant designers
  • Depending on your budget, can help re-styling a simple dress into something special
  • Knows what to find, and where, which saves you a lot of stress and money when working on a budget
  • Will know trends well in advance

Having a pesonal stylist is not only a luxury of the priviliged few or celebrities. Nowadays when more people are judging you by the way you look, it’s very important to have someone who can help you with the image. A stylist who knows your wardrobe and style can do shopping for you. Very often they can spot a great pair of shoes, or a necklace etc and just give you a call to let you know about it.

Make-Up consultation/shopping 

Do you want to learn:

  • How to apply make-up like a professional?
  • What colours suit you?
  • How to enhance your facial features?
  • How to pick up some trade secrets and techniques that will work for you?
  • About the trends and how you can adapt catwalk looks for evryday life?

Just one consultation can change the way you look, the way you shop for cosmetics, and how you apply them. An independant, award-winning make-up artist without brand ties, will suggest to you the best pf products loved by industry experts for their quality, not just high price or brand.

Invest in you. You will feel great!

 Vintage Boutiques

I opened a boutique called StylingAtelier in Leeds in November 2007 located in the ‘Retro Boutique’, 8/10 Headingley Lane, Hyde Park, Leeds, LS6 2AS. Be sure to pop in to check out the range of vintage and retro clothes, shoes, handbags, and other accessories available in stock.I also have some pieces of furniture. I hope you enjoy looking around, and finding that item you always wanted but could never find.

Retro Boutique unit in Hyde Park, Leeds












In 2010 I also acquired a unit at ‘Space’, another Vintage and Retro shop in the centre of Harrogate – always a lovely town to visit.

The new unit at 'Space' in the centre of Harrogate












For a photoshoot, some items can also be available for hire if desired. Please contact me for terms available.